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Come closer to Covelo through its parishes and discover everything they have to offer.
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Prado de Canda - See photos

fotografia Located between the parishes of A Franqueira and Lamosa, the former being part of the county of A Cañiza.

Prado de Canda is a working parish with a great cattle-raising tradition.

The Rivers Xabriña and O Azal flow through the parish where we can find a large mixed forest made up of traditional native trees (oak forest, holly trees, birdlimes, alder trees, and birch trees) and pines. There are also a lot of wild boar and foxes.

It is situated at an altitude of 550 metres so the winters are cold and wet. Together with the parish of Fofe it is one of the smallest parishes of the region, both in size and population.

On the commonly held mountain there is an area where the "Rapa das Bestas" (stock round up) is held. Archaeological remains have also been found in these hills.

Its towns and places of interest are: A Aldea de Baixo, A Aldea de Riba, A Arigua, A Bouza, As Casanovas, Cavadiña, A Costa, Os Luceiros, O Outeiro, A Porteliña.

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