What is now the municipal area of Covelo was, during the ancíen régime part of the province of Tuy, one of the seven historical provinces of the Kingdom of Galicia. After the law of 27 January 1822 it became part of the new province of Vigo and finally became part of the province of Pontevedra after the royal decree of 30 November 1833.


The territory that now makes up the municipal area of Covelo was divided into the jurisdictions of Achas, Covelo and Sobroso, which were part of the domains of the Count of Salvatirra and the Count of Amarante.


Its topographical situation, made up of deep valleys, high mountains and crossed by rivers and taking into account its existing fairs and markets, as well as the conditions of 23 July 1833, it was originally made up of six parishes and then the current 14 with a population of 4500.


As an incidental note it can be said that the old lawyers of Covelo had the privilege of not uncovering their heads during judicial procedures. This privilege was confirmed by the Audiencia de Galicia, it ordered that only the president, the secretary and the scribes uncover their heads. The archives bear testimony to the historical importance of the municipality, which in the past was one of the strongest and most prestigious.


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